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Same Old Game now on sale

Both volume one and volume two of The Same Old Game are finally on sale – all you have to do is click here to place an order.

Each volume costs $US 15.99, which for reference purposes is roughly the following in selected other currencies: *€ 11.87, £UK 10.14, $AUS 15.99, $CAN 16.42, $NZ 21.07 … prices not in $US subject to fluctutation.

The books are also available from, although please bear in mind that when customers purhase direct from this website, the author gets a bigger royalty 🙂

The Same Old Game is printed in the USA, so please bear that in mind regarding delivery times. I’d also like to make it clear that despite the book being printed there and priced in $US, and also using the word ‘soccer*’, the author is from the UK.

*I had to use ‘soccer’ to avoid confusion with the other codes.